Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nike's New Tiger Commercial\ 411 On New albums from Kanye and Dre.


Tiger's Back. And Nike has decided not to avoid the scandal with there new commercial.

The voice is Tiger's Dad.

Finally Dre's Detox to Drop THIS YEAR:

DR. DRE confirmed that his "Detox" album will FINALLY be released sometime this year.

Dre said, "I'm definitely going to be putting out the album this year. Finally. I think everyone is gonna be happy with it."

But knowing what usually happens, it'll get pushed back again.

Kanye is doing a "Good Ass Job".

Word has it that KANYE WEST is finishing up his next album . . . tentatively titled "Good Ass Job" . . . and so-called "sources" tell "Billboard" that it'll drop in June.

--Q-TIP . . . from A TRIBE CALLED QUEST . . . has confirmed that he's working on a track on the album, and there's also talk that RZA and PETE ROCK will appear on the disc.

I hear he's also working on two duets with Taylor Swift called "Beyonce's Best of all time" and "I'm gonna let you finish". haha

I'm Just Sayin Is All,

Tony Stark

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