Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hollywood Dirt

Hey Kids,

Story just came down about our old 'FRIENDS", Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe. The word is they are all in negotiations to come back for a big screen version sometime in the summer of 2011.

They haven't signed anything yet, but James Michael Tyler (played Gunther) confirmed that talks are goin on. And the original writers of the show have been brought into the project(which quietly could be the key to getting this off the ground).

Friends ran for 10 years before it went off the air in 2004. It will go down as a classic television show. They have all sort of moved on since,

- Courtney Cox starred in DIRT for two years before movin on to Cougar Town(which is actually entertaining).

- Lisa Kudrow, had a critically acclaimed show(The Comeback)cancelled.

- Matthew Perry has had small roles in movies(17 again), and a cancelled tv show(Sudio 60 on the Sunset Strip)

- Matt Leblanc unfortunately had 2 seasons of JOEY before he\we were put out of our misery with a cancellation.

- David Schwimmer has been quietly busy with small tv and movie roles, directing and stage acting.

- Jennifer Aniston has made cameos everywhere (DIRT, 30 ROCK) and she spends most of her time talking about how she misses Brad Pitt. But Jennifer Aniston is the one who has a career, and may want to think twice about this reunion. She has worked hard to shake the Rachel Greene character(with roles in Derailed and the Good Girl). Does she really want to gamble with that for a big paycheck.

I'm Just Sayin Is All

Tony Stark

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Bounce Road Show First

Hey Kids,

It's Monday so I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. Crazy night with the Bounce Roadshow Voting, both Millwood and Sir John A had the same number of votes and tied for top spot. Sackville came in third, and Lockview was just behind, good enough for 4th.

With just over a week left in voting, get your school to call in and win the Show. Mariana's Trench, The New Cities and Carly Rae Jepsen.

The Bounce studios has the TV on and it's an episode of Brooke's Knows Best (hulk hogan's kid) and she just got dropped by Colby O'Donis, it seemed like he wanted nothing to do with her other then a friend. How often are the roles reversed like that?

I'm Just Saying Is All,

Tony Stark

Sunday, September 27, 2009

BOUNCE Has A Great Saturday...Saved By The Bell Secrets....And Maybe The Only Way I Would Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro

Hey Kids,

First off Big Congrats to Debbie and Catherine who were our two big winners last night at the Pick Your Purse Party. They both won a trip to Toronto, with air from Porter Airlines, Hotel stay at the Royal York and $1000 spending cash. And it was great to meet some of our diehard listeners, finally putting a face to the name. Congrats and a big thank you to everyone who came out for the night.

So after the party we headed over to the Palace for Wicked Saturdays, and it turned out to be just that...Wicked. The place was jammed by 1230, eveyone having a good time and mingling. And me still being new to the bar, I had no idea, but they serve Pizza after 2 oclock. This is a genius idea. You hungry? instead of waiting in a pizza place, stay in the club and enjoy a slice. Can't wait until next week.

Saved By The Bell Secrets:

A few weeks back I told you about the Zach Morris\Kelly Kapowski Sighting. Now I've got the details about Screech's Tell All Book "Behind the Bell". It isn't as good as I thought...but there are some good parts.

- Screech said that Elizabeth Berkley(Jesse Spano) was a regular visitor of Zach's dressing room, while Kelly was a regular of Slater's dressing room.

- Remember Violet(Tori Spelling) played Screech's girlfriend. Well, in the book he says she had a negative sized chest.....rough.

-And b4 she married Charlie Sheen, seems like Denise Richards was a conquest of Mario Lopez.

- He also says there were some funny smells coming from the dressing rooms.....cannabis, not B.O.

- And in a strange one, he also accuses Zach of using Steroids before Saved By The Bell: The College Years....the only sad part of this one is that we're reminded that there was a College Year.......haha

The Best Reason To Climb a Mountain.

- So if you're like me, it would take me a lot to scale a mountain, especially Mt. Kilamanjaro (15,092 ft) but I think I may have the motivation to get my ass off the couch and on that mountain.

- The Reason: Jessica Biel and Isabel Lucas. These Two will be climbing the mountain as part of the Summit On The Summit, which will raise awareness of clean water. I'm not sure if there is enough water in the world to keep my hydrated enough to make that climb, or to be around those two.
Now you might not know who Isabel Lucas is, she was in Transformers 2.

And In Other News:

Funny guy Conan O'Brien had an accident while doing a stunt for the Tonight Show. Check it out

I'm Just Sayin Is All,

Tony Stark

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rihanna B4 She was Rihanna


I came across this clip of Rihanna at a Talent show when she was 15. And she makes a classic mistake, by singing Mariah Carey's classic "Hero". It's a bit of a disaster.


Jay-Z's Brilliant Commercial.

So I love commercials, because it's crazy how much can be accomplished in a 30 0r 60 second commercial. And Jay-Z spot for Rhapsody is a great example. In just 60 seconds he sums up his career. Check it Out......

I'm just Saying Is All,

Tony Stark

Monday, September 21, 2009

Was Kanye Right? And Steve Nash


So now that people are calming down about Kanye at the MTV Awards, let's talk about the issue at hand.

Was He Right about Beyonce? And I'm gonna say........yes. Now I have to defend myself.

Both Beyonce and Taylor were up for Best Female Video, which Taylor Wins. Congrats!!! But here is where it gets confusing. Later that night Beyonce wins VIDEO OF THE YEAR, both Male and Female competition(taylor swift didn't get a nom for this one).....Umm this really doesn't make sense...If Beyonce's video isn't good enough to beat Taylor Swift in the Female Category, then how can it beat anyone else in the BEST VIDEO category. And if Taylor's video is better then Beyonce, then shouldn't "You Belong With Me" have gotten a nom for VIDEO OF THE YEAR? But not only was it not, but Lady Gaga was nominated for VIDEO OF THE YEAR, but lost to Taylor in the Female Category. WTF!

Alot of people know Steve Nash for only basketball. But this cat has some comedic timing in him. Have you seen that new show "Shaq Does", it's where Shaq tries different sports. Well, it was Nash's idea! Seriously, he's the executive producer. And he's even teaming up with musical heavyweights like 50 Cent. Check it out

P.S. 50's "Stanky Rich + I'm So Paid" lines are hilarious.

I'm Just Sayin Is All

Tony Stark

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy Sunday


In the spirit of the awesome Lazy Sunday SNL Digital Short. I'll be dedicating my blog on Sundays to cool links from around the web.

Chris Brown is back on Community Service:

Saved By The Bell Update:

So Jimmy Fallon is trying to get the whole cast back together on his show. It looks like everyone is in except Dustin Diamond, not because he doesn't want to, but because the rest of the cast hates him.

So there was a Kelly Kapowski\Zach Morris sighting, if you ever wondered about it check it out.

P.S. To the cameraman, if you want a response from these guys. Maybe don't call them by there characters name.

P.S.2 Will My Crush On Kelly Kapowski Really Ever End? And if you want to know what she's been up to lately check this video she did for Funny Or Die.

So if you saw the Hangover this, you know that Zach Galifianakis is pretty funny(the bearded guy with the baby) well here is a hilarious video he did with Michael Cera from Superbad.

I'm Just Saying Is All

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heading Into The Weekend

What's Good?

So since I'm not on the air again until Sunday afternoon. A few things I'll be hoping for YOUR weekend.

- You'll be taken out of your comfort zone and try something new
- You'll catch your fav movie on tv
- A phone call from an old friend with good news
- You'll bump into Kate Beckinsale and tell her how much I love her
- Kate Beckinsale will contact me and tell me that she loves me too(ok that one is more for me)

- You'll find money in an old pair of jeans
- After livin it up you'll take a taxi or let a friend drive you home
- You'll donate something to some charity.
- You'll Remember your boy Tony Stark!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DJ Jewel Has Been Spotted

Hey Everyone,

Good News, after a few weeks of searching I have found DJ Jewel(go back a few entries to get the full story). She will be hanging out at my house in a few weeks. Thanks for all the help finding her.

Haha, if you were listening to the show tonight you heard the sound bite of Barack Obama calling Kanye a jacka**. Man, this pres is like no other, but you know peeps will be all over him for it. But this is why people love Obama, cause he makes you feel like he's just like us. And people were calling him worse then that.

The voting for the Bounce Roadshow with Mariana's Trench, The New Cities and Carly Rae Jepsen is crazy. I'm taking the votes during the Interactive 9@9 and we've had over 300 votes today only. If your high school isn't registered yet, just go to and register your school.

I'm Just Saying Is All

Tony Stark

Monday, September 14, 2009

What Everyone Is Talking About

So, everyone is talking about Kanye and his excellent performance last night at the MTV Awards. Well, let's replace excellent with Petty, Immature and embarassing.

Man how can a genius musically be such a dumbass. And it's not like we don't like some ego in our artists, but this guy has pushed it one time to many. His meltdown a few years ago after losing an award was legendary.

But this was different, this award had nothing to do with him. Even Beyonce, who he was defending was horrified. But big up to Beyonce for giving Taylor Swift her props.

Right after it went down, celebs were hittin up the twitter pages and talking smack, Katy Perry and Pink were just a few.

Anyways, the whole apology he issued..was that really an apology as he says again that the Beyonce video is one of the greatest videos ever. Man this guy is an ass. You know, genuises are usually a little crazy and people put up with it. But Kanye isn't crazy, he's just an ASS! So how about we don't put up with it anymore.

I'm Just Sayin Is All,

Tony Stark

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The BOUNCE Out Last Night, Jay-Z Wants Us To Remember and a Classic SNL Skit

Hey Kids,

Hope Your Saturday Nights were memorable. The BOUNCE was down at Dal U for Varsity Night. Big Thanks to those who came out. We met some cool peeps and gave out some free stuff. DJ Mutts was spinnin the jams and had everyone on the dancefloor(which means 95% girls and 5% were the guys comfortable enough 2 Dance) Girls are always the first ones to Hit the Dancefloor no matter where your at. Now why is that? Most guys need a few drinks before they hit the dancefloor. But we all had a blast and can't wait to go back.

Then we hit the Palace for Wicked Saturdays. This is gonna be huge, and we want to see you down there, so no excuses we'll see you next week. If you've never been to an event with DJ R$ SMOOTH, you're missing out. This cat knows how to get the floor full of people with a cross of hip hop\raggae\dance tracks.

Jay-Z Put On a 9/11 Benefit Concert in New York and from all the reports I read and from what I've seen of the concert, it was Sick! Rihanna, Kanye, John Mayer, Kid Cudi, Beyonce, Diddy, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry were a some of the celebs that made there way there. Catch it here
(there is some language issues, just you've been advised)

You know, I used to watch SNL pretty regularly a few years ago. Now, not so much. But one thing I do enjoy are there digital shorts. So in case you haven't seen this classic, or you've forgotten about it.

I'm Just Saying Is All!

Tony Stark

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Music


So working at The BOUNCE has it's advantages and one of those is being able to hear a lot of music. Both from Big Time Artists (Jay-Z, Lady Gaga. etc) but also listening to acts that you will probably never hear of. So every once and awhile I'll be telling you about those artists. Today, it's DL Incognito. This MC is from my hometown of Ottawa Ontario. His old school hip hop flavour makes him stand out from other players in the game. He's been nominated for Juno's a few times, and I've attached a link to one of his tracks. If you got some time, check it out.

I'm Just Sayin Is All,

Tony Stark

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Speechless Celebs


So Tonight on the show I asked which celebrity would make you speechless if you bumped into them. And Lil Wayne racked up a lot of votes, which shocked me. Others that got votes,

- Kid Rock
- Bon Jovi
- MJ (Michael Jordan, not the other)
- T.I
- Megan Fox

Now, if I had to choose, and you follow this blog at all, you would know that my girl Kate Beckinsale would be on the top of the list. But how about an athlete, I think it would be GSP, George St. Pierre, I'm not sure I would be speechless, but I would definitly be in awe.

I'm Just Sayin Is All

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ludicras Holding It Down and some Randoms


Hope your long weekend was as SICK as mine was, not gonna lie one day this weekend I was nursing a hangover. Good Cure, Bagel with Salami.

Rappers get a bad rap. Usually they are accused of being self centered, money hungry big mouths. But sometimes good stories fall through the cracks, but I'm here to stop that from happening.

Ludicras gave back to Atlanta with the "Ludicras Stimulus Package". He bought 20 cars for families that were struggling. There were over 4000 entries trying to win the 20 cars. And along with the cars they also scored 30 days of free gas. There was a catch though, the people who won had to pay for tags, registration, tax and insurance. So it's just like winning a car on the price is right, except you don't have to go through the hassle of meeting Drew Carey!

So I was unpacking a box yesterday when I got to the bottom of it, I found an NSYNC cd. I was about to call my sister and tell her that I found her cd when a feeling of dread had come over me and I realized was my cd. Damn you catchy Boy Band Beats!

The show Entourage has been given a 7th season. SICK!

LAST CALL: My Girl Kate Beckinsale is gonna be on Conan O'Brien. A lot of people have asked about my love for Kate and where it comes from......well enjoy.

I'm Just Sayin Is All.

Tony Stark

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lilo Says No, We Say Yes and the XBOX 360 and The Green Power Ranger


The word is that Playboy has offered Lindsey Lohan one million dollars to pose for the magazine and she has refused. THANK GOD FOR THAT! That is one *article* I could go the rest of my life without seeing....I mean reading! The poor train wreck can't seem to get any type of work, and if she decides to do this, she'll open the door for Celebrity Rehab and the Surreal Life. Hey how about combining the two for "The Surreal Celebrity Rehab Life"?

Hey Courtney Love come on down, we found you some work!

If you got an XBOX 360, you're not gonna like this article.

But the article got me thinkin about how much video game consoles have changed, I had an original Nintendo back in the day. Remember the routine you used to go through when one of the games wouldn't work. Blow into the game, push it down and move it to the side then press power......hahahaha......or hold the reset button and quickly let go. Man it was so lame.

Hey, Remember when Power Rangers were the big thing. And everyone freaked when the new Green Power Ranger showed up. His name was Tommy(and by revealing his name I once again show my inner geek) well Tommy is back and fighting for real in Mixed Martial Arts.,186758

I say, get the guy who played the Red Power Ranger and get those two in the cage, now I would pay to see that..okay well I wouldn't pay, but if I friend had the video on youtube then I would definitly watch it.

I'm Just Saying Is All

Tony Stark

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blueprint 3 Leaked, Cougars Unite and A Guilty Pleasure.

Hey Kids,

So the Jay-Z album Blueprint 3 was supposed to drop next friday but we live in the download age, and it was already leaked online and Jay is just rolling with the punches. Saying he's the bootleg King so it is no shock. The album features, Kanye and Drake to name a few. If you can't wait and have to listen, here you go.

So here's something I wished someone told me about last week. The first ever National Single Cougars Convention in California (where else would it be really?)

Cougars, to the un-hip are single women over the age of 40. You know when you hit a club and you see a group of women that are almost twice your age that are sitting at a table drinking cosmos and other pink drinks...yeah those are cougars. And I love them, cause they know that age is just a number and it's how they feel inside that matters. Plus, cougars are usually really friendly and hooootttttt!!!! Where was I going with this? oh yeah the convention, 200 cougars showed up to meet men in their 20's and 30's.

42 year old Gloria Navarro was crowned Miss Cougar America 2009.

If you want to check her out,

Ace of Base, The Sign Album....yet it's a guilty pleasure. Admit it, everytime you hear The Sign, Don't Turn Around or Cruel Summer how often do you turn the radio to another station? don't?.......really........just me..........OH GOD!

I'm Just Saying Is All

Tony Stark

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad Boys, DJ Jewel Hunt + Back 2 Skool

All the main players are interested but no one has signed on for a third Bad Boys Movie.

Columbia Pictures is hoping to green light the movie. Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and director Michael Bay are all interested but not ready to sign.

The original in '95 made $141 million worldwide, which now is chump change but the sequel made almost double at $273 million.

I really liked the first one but can't remember much of the second one, but I do think that Smith and Lawrence's chemistry is good enough on it's own to carry a third flick.

More Details:

No luck so far on my hunt for DJ Jewel, but if you see her please let me know.

Man, it's crazy that Alex won 2G's on Stop The Clock with Special Ed. 2 Grand for 45 seconds of her time.....only way to make that much money is in Vegas...both legally and illegally.

So School is back for lots of kids. You notice that in your first week back in class, your notes are all proper and clean with underlining and Categories. But by the third week, you're notes make no sense and you're now writing with a coloring pencil.

I think I should share some of the knowledge I learned in my time at school.

- You know that teacher that seems to be a bigger jerk then the rest, well it's not you, he really is a jerk.

- If you want to make out in the library.....the best place is in the periodical section, nobody goin there.

- Worst place: on the Librian's desk, you should have seen her face when she noticed that the whole place was staring at us. (there is just something about Librarian's...maybe its the ultra organization)

- The mystery meat in the caf is a "mystery" for a don't want to know what part of the cow it is.

- You know when people say the school bully doesn't really hate you, he hates his own life. Not true, he really does hate stop wearing that pocket protector!!!!

- You may want to get out of school really bad right now, but TRUST ME. When you finally leave for the real world, you'll be missing the days where you're biggest problem was how to skip Algebra so you can hang out with the cute girl from english class. (Just Skip It, Cause tomorrow Algebra will still be there while the girl may have moved on to a dude who would skip class for her)

I'm Just Sayin Is All

Tony Stark