Friday, August 28, 2009

Tony's Tidbits (sounds dirty, but it isn't...hahaha okay sound a little funny)

Just Saw This:

DJ AM was a member of the band Crazy Town, and worked with Jay-Z, Madonna and Will Smith. He also DJ'd for the biggest hollywood celebs.

He was engaged to Mandy Moore a few years ago and Nicole Ritchie.

In September of last year he got into a crazy plane crash with Travis Barker of blink 182, 4 people on board died from the crash. for all the coverage.

Adam Goldstein a.k.a DJ AM was 36

Survivor is back: Survivor Samoa

I was really into this last Survivor (Coach still rubs me the wrong way) but CBS just announced the new cast for this season starting Thursday September 17th. Check It out

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