Monday, August 31, 2009

Help Me Find This Girl

How You Living?

So I need your help Halifax. A few months ago I was in a store in Ottawa and I saw her, beautiful, brave and spinning. Her name was DJ Jewel, and she was hanging in an art store. The store was having a crazy sale and she was 69.99. But me being the classic procrastinator, I just said "I'll pick her up later on". 3 WEEKS LATER I came back, and DJ Jewel was on back at regular price, 259.99. Now I've been searching for her everywhere and can't find her anywhere in Halifax, so if you've see my girl DJ Jewel, Please let me know. My Life is incomplete without her.

By now you know this is a painting. Done by David Garibaldi. If you have seen this picture somewhere in Halifax, Let me know where.

So today was a good day for me. The movers showed up and dropped off all the stuff from my old apartment into my new place and after unpacking everything I'm reminded of one thing.........I keep too much crap. Seriously how often am I gonna where an I.D bracelet from 10 years ago that says Love Julie on it.....and one more question.....who is Julie?

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