Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad Boys, DJ Jewel Hunt + Back 2 Skool

All the main players are interested but no one has signed on for a third Bad Boys Movie.

Columbia Pictures is hoping to green light the movie. Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and director Michael Bay are all interested but not ready to sign.

The original in '95 made $141 million worldwide, which now is chump change but the sequel made almost double at $273 million.

I really liked the first one but can't remember much of the second one, but I do think that Smith and Lawrence's chemistry is good enough on it's own to carry a third flick.

More Details: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/news/e3if39271c89709c28eceb20163c74fc6f4

No luck so far on my hunt for DJ Jewel, but if you see her please let me know.

Man, it's crazy that Alex won 2G's on Stop The Clock with Special Ed. 2 Grand for 45 seconds of her time.....only way to make that much money is in Vegas...both legally and illegally.

So School is back for lots of kids. You notice that in your first week back in class, your notes are all proper and clean with underlining and Categories. But by the third week, you're notes make no sense and you're now writing with a coloring pencil.

I think I should share some of the knowledge I learned in my time at school.

- You know that teacher that seems to be a bigger jerk then the rest, well it's not you, he really is a jerk.

- If you want to make out in the library.....the best place is in the periodical section, nobody goin there.

- Worst place: on the Librian's desk, you should have seen her face when she noticed that the whole place was staring at us. (there is just something about Librarian's...maybe its the ultra organization)

- The mystery meat in the caf is a "mystery" for a reason....you don't want to know what part of the cow it is.

- You know when people say the school bully doesn't really hate you, he hates his own life. Not true, he really does hate you....so stop wearing that pocket protector!!!!

- You may want to get out of school really bad right now, but TRUST ME. When you finally leave for the real world, you'll be missing the days where you're biggest problem was how to skip Algebra so you can hang out with the cute girl from english class. (Just Skip It, Cause tomorrow Algebra will still be there while the girl may have moved on to a dude who would skip class for her)

I'm Just Sayin Is All

Tony Stark

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