Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Movies


Since we're a few days from Halloween. I'd thought I drop you a few hints on what movies to watch in case you wanted to have a fright night. Now the secret to a good Halloween Fright Night is a mix of old and new.

1. Texax Chainsaw Massacre - 1974(try to get the original, even though the remake has Jessica Biel in it)

Considering it was based on true events, even the trailer scares the crap out of me.

2. Saw(Original)This is the movie that brought the Gore Factor to theaters, so let's pay it respect.

3. Friday The 13th The Original 1980 - It's had spawned more sequels then your neighbour who is always hanging out with a different blond.

4. Halloween - This is a must on the list, Michael Myers Represent.

5. 28 Days Later: I actually haven't seen it yet, but everyone tells me that this is a SICK ASS movie. I may have to pick it up.

Now if you want to see one movie that will keep you up for nights....see if you have enough guts for this one...

I'm Just Sayin Is All

Tony Stark

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