Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday Part 3 and BIG LEAGUES

It's Lazy Sunday,

So here are some cool links:

1. Japanese Game Shows are awesome cause there so over the top. This video is a guy who is led to believe that there is a sniper after him. He probably had to change his boxers after this one.

2. Hot Bikini Girls With Game: This video proves that hot girls at the beat can do more then just lay around and get sun. P.S. She should have wore gloves.

Remember this Thursday at Big Leagues in Cole Harbour, We're going Live to Air. I'll host and DJ Mutts will be on the Turntables. So bring your friends and party with us. I'll be giving away VIP passes all week long.

Here's more info:

I'm Just Saying Is All

Tony Stark

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