Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ludicras Holding It Down and some Randoms


Hope your long weekend was as SICK as mine was, not gonna lie one day this weekend I was nursing a hangover. Good Cure, Bagel with Salami.

Rappers get a bad rap. Usually they are accused of being self centered, money hungry big mouths. But sometimes good stories fall through the cracks, but I'm here to stop that from happening.

Ludicras gave back to Atlanta with the "Ludicras Stimulus Package". He bought 20 cars for families that were struggling. There were over 4000 entries trying to win the 20 cars. And along with the cars they also scored 30 days of free gas. There was a catch though, the people who won had to pay for tags, registration, tax and insurance. So it's just like winning a car on the price is right, except you don't have to go through the hassle of meeting Drew Carey!

So I was unpacking a box yesterday when I got to the bottom of it, I found an NSYNC cd. I was about to call my sister and tell her that I found her cd when a feeling of dread had come over me and I realized something........it was my cd. Damn you catchy Boy Band Beats!

The show Entourage has been given a 7th season. SICK!

LAST CALL: My Girl Kate Beckinsale is gonna be on Conan O'Brien. A lot of people have asked about my love for Kate and where it comes from......well enjoy.


I'm Just Sayin Is All.

Tony Stark

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