Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DJ Jewel Has Been Spotted

Hey Everyone,

Good News, after a few weeks of searching I have found DJ Jewel(go back a few entries to get the full story). She will be hanging out at my house in a few weeks. Thanks for all the help finding her.

Haha, if you were listening to the show tonight you heard the sound bite of Barack Obama calling Kanye a jacka**. Man, this pres is like no other, but you know peeps will be all over him for it. But this is why people love Obama, cause he makes you feel like he's just like us. And people were calling him worse then that.

The voting for the Bounce Roadshow with Mariana's Trench, The New Cities and Carly Rae Jepsen is crazy. I'm taking the votes during the Interactive 9@9 and we've had over 300 votes today only. If your high school isn't registered yet, just go to www.1013thebounce.com and register your school.

I'm Just Saying Is All

Tony Stark

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