Sunday, September 27, 2009

BOUNCE Has A Great Saturday...Saved By The Bell Secrets....And Maybe The Only Way I Would Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro

Hey Kids,

First off Big Congrats to Debbie and Catherine who were our two big winners last night at the Pick Your Purse Party. They both won a trip to Toronto, with air from Porter Airlines, Hotel stay at the Royal York and $1000 spending cash. And it was great to meet some of our diehard listeners, finally putting a face to the name. Congrats and a big thank you to everyone who came out for the night.

So after the party we headed over to the Palace for Wicked Saturdays, and it turned out to be just that...Wicked. The place was jammed by 1230, eveyone having a good time and mingling. And me still being new to the bar, I had no idea, but they serve Pizza after 2 oclock. This is a genius idea. You hungry? instead of waiting in a pizza place, stay in the club and enjoy a slice. Can't wait until next week.

Saved By The Bell Secrets:

A few weeks back I told you about the Zach Morris\Kelly Kapowski Sighting. Now I've got the details about Screech's Tell All Book "Behind the Bell". It isn't as good as I thought...but there are some good parts.

- Screech said that Elizabeth Berkley(Jesse Spano) was a regular visitor of Zach's dressing room, while Kelly was a regular of Slater's dressing room.

- Remember Violet(Tori Spelling) played Screech's girlfriend. Well, in the book he says she had a negative sized chest.....rough.

-And b4 she married Charlie Sheen, seems like Denise Richards was a conquest of Mario Lopez.

- He also says there were some funny smells coming from the dressing rooms.....cannabis, not B.O.

- And in a strange one, he also accuses Zach of using Steroids before Saved By The Bell: The College Years....the only sad part of this one is that we're reminded that there was a College Year.......haha

The Best Reason To Climb a Mountain.

- So if you're like me, it would take me a lot to scale a mountain, especially Mt. Kilamanjaro (15,092 ft) but I think I may have the motivation to get my ass off the couch and on that mountain.

- The Reason: Jessica Biel and Isabel Lucas. These Two will be climbing the mountain as part of the Summit On The Summit, which will raise awareness of clean water. I'm not sure if there is enough water in the world to keep my hydrated enough to make that climb, or to be around those two.
Now you might not know who Isabel Lucas is, she was in Transformers 2.

And In Other News:

Funny guy Conan O'Brien had an accident while doing a stunt for the Tonight Show. Check it out

I'm Just Sayin Is All,

Tony Stark

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