Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lilo Says No, We Say Yes and the XBOX 360 and The Green Power Ranger


The word is that Playboy has offered Lindsey Lohan one million dollars to pose for the magazine and she has refused. THANK GOD FOR THAT! That is one *article* I could go the rest of my life without seeing....I mean reading! The poor train wreck can't seem to get any type of work, and if she decides to do this, she'll open the door for Celebrity Rehab and the Surreal Life. Hey how about combining the two for "The Surreal Celebrity Rehab Life"?

Hey Courtney Love come on down, we found you some work!

If you got an XBOX 360, you're not gonna like this article.

But the article got me thinkin about how much video game consoles have changed, I had an original Nintendo back in the day. Remember the routine you used to go through when one of the games wouldn't work. Blow into the game, push it down and move it to the side then press power......hahahaha......or hold the reset button and quickly let go. Man it was so lame.

Hey, Remember when Power Rangers were the big thing. And everyone freaked when the new Green Power Ranger showed up. His name was Tommy(and by revealing his name I once again show my inner geek) well Tommy is back and fighting for real in Mixed Martial Arts.,186758

I say, get the guy who played the Red Power Ranger and get those two in the cage, now I would pay to see that..okay well I wouldn't pay, but if I friend had the video on youtube then I would definitly watch it.

I'm Just Saying Is All

Tony Stark

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